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This book is an abridged version of a series of twelve lectures given by Āyatullāh Sayyid Munīr al-Khabbāz in 1443 AH (2021 AD) on the occasion of ʿĀshūrāʾ in Sayhāt, Saudi Arabia in the Arabic language. Sayyid Munīr approaches his topic with fresh eyes, and his method should be of interest for a wide and varied segment of readers. 


In this book, Ayatullah Sayyid Munīr al-Khabbāz delivers twelve lectures on a wide variety of topics. Although the lectures are delivered during ʿĀshūrāʾ, Sayyid Munīr does not limit himself to historical events. Rather, he uses the topic of ʿĀshūrāʾ to approach various topics that are of interest to the contemporary Muslim. His new approach proves that ʿĀshūrāʾ really is for every time and place, and that it has insights to offer in a variety of fields. Instead of dealing with ʿĀshūrāʾ as a past historical event, Sayyid Munīr’s depicts it as an ever-present phenomenon within Islam. 


This present book deals with topics as diverse as the methodology of discussing Islam, the hijab, women’s rights, the status of women in Islam, gender identity, family life, raising children, the duty of parents, the ideal married life, and being a leader and a successful figure. Sayyid Munīr utilizes a unique approach to get his message across, using Sayyida al-Zahrāʾ and Sayyida Zaynab (as) as pivots for his discussion. Above all, Sayyida al-Zahrāʾ (as) is the common thread, whether as the perfect human being in and of herself, the daughter of Islams Prophet (s), the mother of the pure and brave Zaynab (as), the mother of the other Imāms (as), or the wife of ʿĀlī (as). In turns, Sayyida al-Zahrāʾ (as) emerges as eloquent, courageous, virtuous, pious, and, despite her sorrows, ultimately triumphant. This book is a reminder of the relevance and importance of Sayyida al-Zahrāʾ (as) not only in history, but for our times as well. Through her, we strive to become better Muslims, as she is a role model for male and female Muslims alike. She reminds us to value the courage and sacrifices of the women in our lives, and her life is a living example of how women should  live and how men can support and uphold the women in their lives, including but not limited to daughters, mothers, and wives.      



~206 pages

Black/White pages

5.5x8.5 in


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