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Like any other revolution, the Islamic Revolution of Iran was based upon specific objectives and ideals. One of those objectives, which the current Supreme Leader, Sayyid ʿAlī Ḥusaynī Khāminaʾī, identifies as being one of the 'greatest hopes of the Revolution' and one that is 'usually not paid sufficient attention to', is the 'creation of an environment that allows for spiritual growth and for the chains of lust and anger to be broken by all those who are prepared to do so.'


As the movement towards any ideal requires a blueprint, what is the blueprint for the ideal mentioned above? The Supreme Leader, in this regard, points towards one specific blueprint that encapsulates all strata of society, be it the scholars, youth, or the general public. He terms this blueprint the "mystical order of Āyatullāh Qāḍī." 


Unfortunately, this order ought to be recognized in the way and manner that it ought to be. Who was he? What was his state and condition? How did he live? These and other questions still need to be answered for many. 


As such, we decided to take it upon ourselves to collect and analyze the anecdotes, stories, and statements that have been made concerning this great Islamic mystic. Using this effort, we could remove our portion of the burden carried on our beloved leader's shoulders. A leader who desires the youth of the Islamic Ummah, the commanders of the soft war, to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sayyid ʿAlī Qāḍī and to climb the ladder of spirituality, wayfaring, and to reach ultimate felicity. The youth should use this opportunity that the Islamic Revolution has created for them and, amid all the noise and corruption surrounding them, aim to reach those heights per their capacity and capability. 


This present book is a small sample of the spiritual states and sayings of Sayyid ʿAlī Qāḍī that aims to portray a mere example of his unique personality. 


Dear reader, know that according to numerous proofs and confirmations, the warm, welcoming existence of Sayyid ʿAlī Qāḍī did not come to an end with his worldly passing. It may be that, through his words and stories in this book, you feel the spiritual breath and loving embrace of this illuminated teacher in your life, God-willing. 



~124 pages

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